…is consisted of three individuals that have been involved in the entertainment industry for a long time. Some of us have been involved for more than 15 years and have worked for different promoters, but mostly working together, starting from bottom to the top of producing live events. As the economy all around the world is not at its best these days or years lets say, the most important thing for every promoter is to reduce costs through innovations with a minimum risk, i.e. to make break-even as low as it gets. This is what brought us together and why BEP has been formed, to provide a complete service of producing a live show (from CAD drawings to site planning, site coordination and production) by reducing costs, but still getting the job done in most professional way. With our knowledge, experience and capacity we offer a complete operational component which is most important for every live show to happen.

BREAK EVEN PRODUCTION is a small professional expense, but a neccesity to make your project run smoothly

BEP presented by:

Dejan Novkovic “Deki”
e-mail: deki[at]breakevenproduction.com
cell: +385 98 577 540

Zoran Babic “Tyson”
e-mail: tyson[at]breakevenproduction.com
cell: +385 91 500 5203

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